Basically, for St. Vincent, the bottom line is that it is a very good experience.  The campus is small, but the profs are very accomodating and fair.  They actually care for the students and not for the policitics that we are used to seeing in Grenada.




It's fairly fast paced, and the notes are plenty and unrelenting, but it's still just Pathology and physiology put together (as the name suggests).  So, there is very little new info, just a new way to look at and integrate old info.  It is about the same amount of material as Path if you put the lab and lecture together.  The only difference is that they don't hold your finger like Path (granted Dr. Bush has something else in mind with his fingers...).  It's more of a self-effort, but it's not bad.  Most of the profs are really good as well, so you actually learn something in lecture (which is also different from Path)




It's just memorization.  Look at the charts that we made on the web page and look through their notes.  The only book that might come in handy is Lippincott's Pharmacology.  Everything else is a waste of $$$ in my opinion.  All of the Q's come straight from their handouts.  No tricks, no games, even though it is also run by Germans...hehe




As far as clothing:  Remember that the hospital does NOT have A/C.  More or less, just no jeans, T-shirts, or sandals.  Bare minimum for guys is a pair of slacks, a polo and a dress shoes.  For you females, you can compare that for yourself...being as I don't wear women's clothing...hehe.  You also have to wear a white coat, so bring that.  Your PD Kit is optional.  You technically don't need it, not even for the OSCE.  But it's up to you whether you want to use your own equipment or not. 


PD Grading:  It gets counted as a 4 hr class (50% 4th Term in Grenada, 50% St. Vincent).  Look at the Term 5/6 Grade Tracker on my web page, it will break it down for you, since the department never will.  Also, if you see Dr. Rooney, trip him now, because you won't get the chance when you really feel like it at the end of 6th Term.  Trust me.  He grades the OSCE quite tough actually.  Our whole class was between 89.2 and 82 (275 students within 7%...go figure). 


PD Rotations:  The rotations are actually pretty fun.  You learn a lot.  You don't really get to pick your doctors too much because each specialty only has a few doctors.  I don't think that any of them were exceptionally tough.  I learned more in our rotations than I did in both years of history taking, etc that we did in PD.  I think by now you've figured that I really hate the way that SGU does PD, and I blame no one other than Dr. Rooney. 


Bottom Line:


Enjoy St. Vincent.  It's a really pretty island and it can be a lot of fun.  You'll get your school work done, but make sure you enjoy the islands for the last time.  The people are really nice and it's really not as bad as people make it out to be.


I hope that helps some.  Let me know if you have any more Q's